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Paint / Powder Coater


Paints or powder coat surfaces of manufactured products with wet paint or powder using spray gun.


  1. Sets up industrial washer for cleaning parts.
  2. Loads parts on conveyor.
  3. Mixes coating, liquid to desired color, or pours powder into hopper.
  4. Sets baking oven to specified temperature to properly bake paint or powder.
  5. Checks parts after baking to ensure correct paint thickness using mil thickness gage.
  6. Removes parts from conveyor and de-masks as required.
  7. Ability to lift up to 50 pounds.  Mobility requirements include: standing, walking, reaching and bending.

Shipping Clerk


Verifies, prepares, and packages outbound materials for shipping.  Receives, verifies, and stocks inbound materials.  Shipping, warehouse, and packing experience helpful.  UPS and FedEx Ground computer software experience very helpful.


  1. Verifies and prepares packages for customer orders per work order.
  2. Sorts and places products on shelves and in bins according to a predetermined sequence.
  3. Assembles products as needed.
  4. Ability To Lift Up To 50 Pounds.  Mobility Requirements Include: Standing, Walking, Reaching And Bending.

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